Lecture possibilities - individual lessons

   - Concert Accordion - Contemporary Techniques, History & Repertoire - for Performers & Composers  

    The history of the concert accordion doesn't count centuries but decades! 

    Still, because of the close collaboration between composers and performers, lots of interesting works for this instrument is already created;            

    compositions by Berio, Gubaidulina, Lindberg and many others are becoming “classical” repertoire nowadays.

    This course aims to show the range of different techniques with the emphasis on the contemporary techniques.

 -  Improvisation lessons

 For musicians at all levels, who are wishing to learn various improvisation techniques using the traditional and contemporary elements. 

(Suitable for all melodic and harmonic instruments.)

 -  Eastern European Tunes & Rhythms (including Klezmer and Sephardic music)

  For musicians at all levels, beginners to professionals, wishing to learn about various Eastern European musical styles.

(Suitable for all melodic and harmonic instruments.)

- Something else

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