Project LUME

In different languages, Lume has various meanings - the world, life,

source of light, illusion, fire, spark, lover, humanity, more than

love ... - and our Lume is a collection of songs from different

parts of the world. The link connecting the songs together is the

universal theme of love, in which the notion of Lume manifests itself

in each of its manifold meanings.


Lume contains 10 love songs from different parts of

the world and one cycle of 5 songs (Snoviđenje) composed by Ključo, which is based

on Romanian, Croatian, Kosovo and Sephardic traditional pieces.


Versatile Jelena's unique and rare contralto has brilliantly

complemented the avantgarde notes of Merima's concert accordion.


The magnetic connection between Ključo and Milušić takes us on a

dream-like journey through diverse worlds of strong, expressive and

subtle music.