"From blue-note trillings to quasi-industrial buzzing, Ključo wrings extraordinary sounds from her instrument and the sheer Dostoevskian relentlessness leaves you weirdly elated. "

Mark Hudson - The Telegraph, UK


"Merima Ključo's playing speaks of things human - it tells, elaborates, contemplates things which need to be told, things observed, things imagined, things believed."

Tamara Brooks - Conductor


"Mind-blowing! Pleasant pain is caused on the one hand by the richness of Merima Ključo’s artistic expression, whose every tone, interval, chord or cluster on the accordion grow out of layers of determination and melancholy. Sometimes I wonder if Merima’s accordion has a human voice among its registers.”

Marija Vitas -  ethnomusicologist & Editor in Chief, Serbian World Music Magazine (RS) 

"The touch that Merima has to the accordion tunes easily with the most recondite of the human soul. No matter which repertoire she plays or where the listener comes from, Merima is a magician! If one really pays attention to her art, he falls at her feet forever."

Maja Vasiljević, Rumbo al Este, Radio Clásica, RTVE, ES 


"Her mastery across so many musical genres and her unique capacity to combine them in a compelling way are unique: she is several performers rolled into one."

Ian Ritchie, Artistic Director City of London Festival 2005-2013, UK


"I consider her to be one of the most remarkable musicians of her generation."

Nigel Osborne - Composer