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“To the loved ones, the most loved ones and the least loved ones"
Dramatic love songs, dark chansons and humoresques

Two internationally renowned musicians, Ključo and Milušić, take us into the world of captivating and seductive stories about the splendor of love, but also about its darker side. Together, Jelena and Merima create an enchantingly theatrical atmosphere with their voices and accordion alone. With their expressive and subtle musicality, they weave an invisible web of feelings, moods and love stories full of passion, longing and pain. Shrouded in the veil and whispers of secrets, traditions and forgotten legends, we become prey to intertwined worlds between reality and sleep.








The musical project, La Convivencia, by Merima Ključo in collaboration with contralto Jelena Milušić, is inspired by the powerful message of coexistence. It is based on Sephardic traditions of different countries visited by Sephardic Jews, traveling through history after the expulsion from Spain.



Used to peaceful coexistence, Sephardic Jews observed the traditions of their home countries, and infused Jewish culture into the music of their adopted lands. This resulted in musical similarities. For example, Bosnians and Sephardic Jews use the same scales and rhythms. They share the same emotion in their songs, the same pleasures, and the same pain. In the end they share the same country, the same customs, the same food…and they learn from each other.

La Convivencia reminds us that we need to do more in emphasizing the values of respect across all faiths, and it inspires us to be peaceful ambassadors of its message of acceptance for all. 

                                                                                                    - Merima Ključo


with Jelena Milušić